Spring 2017 THN Math Tutoring

Last Update: March 1, 2017

Check tutoring below for tutoring options or just stop by A&S 108 downtown (the Learning Commons) and pick up a flyer. You can also check out the Learning Commons (A&S 108) website at: http://lcc.edu/tutorial/, or call the Learning Commons at 517-483-1206.


Tutoring Help Now is drop in tutoring with no appointment necessary. A tutor can be helping many students at a time by rotating through the students and answering quick questions.
Ongoing appointments that you can sign up for where you get to meet with the same tutor for one hour a week for the whole semeser. Oftentimes tutors are available for walk-in appointments if their appointment slots are not filled.
Daily Sign up. Call the Learning Commons upto one day in advance of when you wuold like to get some one on one help. This is good for if you don't want the committment of a weekly appoinment, but you think you might need some intensive help with a topic that you are currently working on mastering.

Main Campus A&S 108

8AM - 10AM (all MATH)
10AM- Noon (up to MATH 121)
Noon- 1PM (up to MATH 151)
1PM - 6PM (all MATH)
6PM - 8PM (up to MATH 120)
8PM - 9PM (up to MATH 112)
8AM - 10AM (up to MATH 152)
10AM - 11AM (up to MATH 151)
11AM - 12 (up to MATH 120)
12 - 1PM (up to MATH 151)
1PM - 2PM (all MATH)
2PM - 3PM (upto MATH 151)
3PM - 5PM (all MATH)
5PM - 6PM (upto MATH 120)
6PM - 9PM (all MATH)
8AM - 10AM (all MATH)
11AM- 3PM (up to MATH 151)
3PM - 4PM (all MATH except MATH 117 AND 118)
4PM - 5PM (up to MATH 120)
5PM - 6PM (all MATH except MATH 117 AND 118)
6PM - 8PM (up to MATH 120)
8PM - 9PM (all MATH)
8AM - 9AM (up to MATH 152)
9AM - 3PM (UP TO MATH 151)
3PM - 5PM (up to MATH 152)
5PM - 6PM (up to MATH 120)
6PM - 9PM (all MATH)
Fridays: Note that Friday hours are designated as DSU, so tutors will only be available on the THN floor if they don't have appointments. If you wish you can call 517-483-1206 to schedule an appointment.
11AM -4pm (all MATH)
10AM - 11AM (all MATH)
11AM - Noon (up to MATH 152)
12 - 4PM (all MATH)

West Campus U245

Mondays & Wednesdays:
11AM - 5PM (all MATH)
Tuesdays & Thursdays:
11:30AM - 2:30PM (all MATH)

East Campus

Tuesdays & Thursdays
10:30AM - 3PM (all MATH)
There may be other oportunities at other locations and SI hours availble as well. Call the Learning Commons to find out more.